Perspectives on Mentoring

Mentoring is an important aspect of professional development and talent management efforts in a wide variety of fields such as education, business, engineering, and business. Mentoring entails forming a mutually supportive and learning relationship between the more experienced (mentor) and less experienced (protégé) colleagues for the purposes of personal support and professional learning. There is an increased interest in the topic of mentoring in the workplace on a global scale. Research indicates that those who receive mentoring rise faster in their organizations and have more success in their careers than those who do not have this experience. This series will focus on various aspects of the mentoring process in a variety of organizational settings and contexts.

IAP and International Mentoring Association have partnered for this series, with the joint aim to share practices and research with the global community for the development and enhancement of mentoring programs and relationships across disciplines and contexts.

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Creating and Sustaining a Collaborative Mentorship Team

A Handbook for Practice and Research, 2020

Dianne M. Gut, Ohio University; Beth J. VanDerveer, Ohio University; Mary Barbara Trube, Ohio University; Pamela C. Beam, Ohio University


Mentoring at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)

Theory, Design, Practice, and Impact, 2018

Jeton McClinton, Jackson State University; David S. B. Mitchell, University of West Georgia; Tyrell Carr, Saint Augustine’s University; Mark A. Melton, Saint Augustine’s University; Gerunda B. Hughes, Howard University


 More Than a Mentoring Program

Attacking Institutional Racism, 2018

Graig R. Meyer, The Equity Collaborative; George W. Noblit, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


 Across the Domains

Examining Best Practices in Mentoring Public School Educators throughout the Professional Journey, 2018

Andrea M. Kent, University of South Alabama; André M. Green, University of South Alabama


Uncovering the Cultural Dynamics in Mentoring Programs and Relationships

Enhancing Practice and Research, 2014

Frances K. Kochan, Auburn University; Andrea M. Kent, University of South Alabama; André M. Green, University of South Alabama



Mentoring for the Professions

Orienting Toward the Future, 2014

Aimee Howley, Ohio University; Mary Barbara Trube, Ohio University